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...the clock re.minds we spirits of our minds



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superhero party
This will probably be my last entry in this journal. My new journal is " gorilica ".

So, I have to give a little recap on this week. It has been one crazy fun adventure.

Oh, I just called into work. I'll have to make this super brief.

Key Points:
+ The Ultimate Prank [It's kind of bad but ohh so good...]
+ Lots of Addie time
+ Smiling till my cheeks hurt
+ Free Hugs from ladies downtown
+ Talking with Justin face-to-face for the first time since we broke up
+ Dressing up really nice on Valentines Day and rocking it at The Cat
+ Drinking champagne by myself on V-Day, the comment from my friend, "Oh isn't that kind of sad..." (he was joking), me jokingly whining about Valentines Day and then... oh, I won't mention it on here. Let's just say side comments and my rose with the flower pulled off, not by me. Hm.
+ Linda, "Go for the nice boys, not the mean ones..."
+ Getting 6 lovely pink roses and an awesome card from one of my friends. He stopped by The Cat, gave it to me, and left. "You are so beautiful!" he exclaimed, hugging me.
Aw... :)
+ Valentines Parrrrttay!
+ Playing cupid
+ Shooting a boy with a rose outside of Dos Padres (with the bow) and promptly running away
+ Peter's studio late at night, all the craziness had to go through to get in and make it all work, checking out his installation, listening to music and talking about guilty pleasures (like trance, Hanson, and cake batter), etc.

Time to get ready for wizzerk.
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