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...the clock re.minds we spirits of our minds

Goodnight, Ericoona

Goodnight, Ericoona

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superhero party
One reason I'm glad I read/skimmed through the past few years on my livejournal:

Humorous memories such as this:

"February 23rd, 2004
Room #1 Antics
2/23/04 12:58 am

...So I go to the bathroom and I end up just kind of chillin there cause I'm comfortable on the pink fuzzy mat. I hear Prodigy start to blast and everyone in my living room is like, "smack my bitch up!", and then someone knocks on the door and comes in. It's Nolan, he's all like, "are you okay man?" and people slap my face kind of thing and I'm like, "Woah there, I'm fine, I'm wonderful, just fuckin chillin the the bathroom." Nolan came in to chill with me and we laid on the floor forever, then Tawny brought us pillows which simply enhanced the experiance.. hah. Brian kept being loud and we are like, "please... shhh... shut the fuck up, we just want to chill..."

He was like, "But Erica... I really want to hang out with you but you are in the bathroom and I really don't want to be in here..." "Shhhh........" He said that Nolan and I were all about to reach Zen and call it what he may, but I was about there. Everyone ended up hanging out in the bathroom, laying in the bathtub, crowding in there.... it's kind of hilarious to me that that was the hot spot. You see, my bathroom is pretty damn small..... I finally got up cause I wanted to give Dorian a bracelet to her girl... she loves my star bracelet.


The after party included picking up various bottles of shampoo and razors.

We're so fuckin hardcore."

>>Note how I say the word "like" or swear in basically every other sentence. Also, I said, "Woah there, I'm fine, I'm wonderful, just fuckin chillin in the bathroom." Who says that? Me. Three years ago. When I was partying in a small bathroom which was soon to have around 10 people in it, sipping on wine coolers and socializing. haha. Definitely memorable.

There are many more reasons, but what it comes down to is this:
I am changing journals to steer people away from possibly ever having the urge to read my old entries... because many of them are depressing and angry. I feel like such a different girl than the one who is portrayed through a lot of these writings, and I'm definitely ready for a fresh start.

My new journal is .

  • I switched journals after a major change in my life a little over a year ago. There was just too much there, too much baggage or something.

    Plus the name was even more stupid than the one I have now...

    But but what's your new journal??

    P.S. Bathroom party = awesome.
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