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...the clock re.minds we spirits of our minds

I just made a delicious meal, and I must share. Stewed beef,…

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superhero party
I just made a delicious meal, and I must share.

Stewed beef, carrots, red onion, orange pepper, fresh dill, mushrooms, broccoli, mixed with shell pasta and white cheddar sauce. Wash it down with a raspberry soda, virgin lime aid, and orange juice mix. This equals a dance party in your mouth.

  • At my house:

    Black pepper salmon
    Carrots baked in salsa w/bay leaves and cilantro
    Brown rice w/ olive oil + dill!
  • I'm not eating dinner tonight.

    My roomie has somehow managed to recreate the dawn of life in our kitchen while I was gone. I don't even have names for some of the stuff growing in there.

    I've no will to clean it, nor the time to drive to town for dinner.

    Long story short, you've effectively made me hungry and jealous.

    • Haha! I'm eating the leftovers now... super good.

      Aw, but seriously, that's too bad about your kitchen. That's one of the best parts about living by myself, if my kitchen's a wreck it's because I made it that way. How many roommates do you have?
      • I completely understand what you mean, the benefits of only having to clean up one's own mess are incredible- if nothing else less emotionally taxing than being someone's unpaid maid.

        I only have the one room mate, though he leaves the consumer-waste "scat" of seven large drunkards.

        Mentioning drunkards makes me think of brigands, and neither of us probably wants to start a conversation about them.


        P.S. Do you think it's going to be weird when we bump into each other again? I'd like to think not, but I'm wondering what your thoughts are.
        • Ah yes, let's not talk about brigands.......

          I don't think it will be weird when we see each other again, unless if one of us decides it going to be weird. I am completely not nervous about the prospect of it, though. I mean, the way everything happened before was really awesome and crazy, and I haven't seen you since. I think of you as a friend that I have not seen in awhile, and I'm excited to cross paths again.

          What thoughts do you have on this?
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