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...the clock re.minds we spirits of our minds

Tomorrow night I'm doing sound for The Sparrows and The Clean…

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superhero party
Tomorrow night I'm doing sound for The Sparrows and The Clean Prophets at Chiribins! If you're in the neighborhood, say hi. If I look petrified it's because I'm still learning the board and what not. ;)

  • Tomorrow night as in tonight? Or Thursday?

    I've been meaning to see The Sparrows; I'm in a band with their drummer, Alex.
    • Tomorrow as in tonight. What band are you in with Alex? He's really nice. I'm good friends with Tommy and Andy, Tommy was one of the first people I met in Bellingham.

      You should come!
      • We haven't played any shows yet and are stuck for a name, but the music is great; I can't wait till we have enough material to perform.

        I haven't met Tommy or Andy yet. Alex is super-nice, and a great guy to play with; very enthusiastic and open to ideas. We have a lot of fun.

        Star and I are working on getting the small ones watched for the evening; perhaps I'll see you there!
  • (Anonymous)
    Your doing sound!?!??!1 how cool is that. Hope you had fun!

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