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...the clock re.minds we spirits of our minds



superhero party



February 15th, 2007


superhero party
This will probably be my last entry in this journal. My new journal is " gorilica ".

So, I have to give a little recap on this week. It has been one crazy fun adventure.

Oh, I just called into work. I'll have to make this super brief.

Key Points:
+ The Ultimate Prank [It's kind of bad but ohh so good...]
+ Lots of Addie time
+ Smiling till my cheeks hurt
+ Free Hugs from ladies downtown
+ Talking with Justin face-to-face for the first time since we broke up
+ Dressing up really nice on Valentines Day and rocking it at The Cat
+ Drinking champagne by myself on V-Day, the comment from my friend, "Oh isn't that kind of sad..." (he was joking), me jokingly whining about Valentines Day and then... oh, I won't mention it on here. Let's just say side comments and my rose with the flower pulled off, not by me. Hm.
+ Linda, "Go for the nice boys, not the mean ones..."
+ Getting 6 lovely pink roses and an awesome card from one of my friends. He stopped by The Cat, gave it to me, and left. "You are so beautiful!" he exclaimed, hugging me.
Aw... :)
+ Valentines Parrrrttay!
+ Playing cupid
+ Shooting a boy with a rose outside of Dos Padres (with the bow) and promptly running away
+ Peter's studio late at night, all the craziness had to go through to get in and make it all work, checking out his installation, listening to music and talking about guilty pleasures (like trance, Hanson, and cake batter), etc.

Time to get ready for wizzerk.

February 10th, 2007

Goodnight, Ericoona

superhero party
One reason I'm glad I read/skimmed through the past few years on my livejournal:

This Humorous Memory:Collapse )

There are many more reasons, but what it comes down to is this:
I am changing journals to steer people away from possibly ever having the urge to read my old entries... because many of them are depressing and angry. I feel like such a different girl than the one who is portrayed through a lot of these writings, and I'm definitely ready for a fresh start.

My new journal is .


February 9th, 2007

(no subject)

superhero party
I was going to try going out, like I did only somewhat successfully earlier today, and upon reaching the outdoors I started coughing manically.

Oh well.

Teriyaki and Act II of Levee's Broken. Depressing but good.

[SN:: Mmmm my hands smell like henna. Yummmmy.]
Fucking balls.

So, I'm standing on top of a chair and taking off the ceiling fixture in the kitchen so I can change the lightbulb before I make dinner, right? Right. Okay, so I'm unscrewing a screw from the left side and the fixture is loosened, so I'm holding it, but it's a large circular shape and more awkward than I was anticipating (side note, ever notice how awkward is awkwardly spelled?) so it slips from my hand, and I try and save it, but can't. Upon realizing there is no hope for saving it, I turn to the left and shield my face as it crashes first on my refrigerator, second on the counter by the sink, and thirdly on the floor. Somehow I didn't get any cuts other than a little one on my finger, which is bleeding profusely, might I add. I had little shards of glass all over my right arm... Thank god nothing got in my eye and I didn't get any large cuts.

Now I just have to clean this baby up and try this whole dinner thing over again.

It's already past 10.


That seriously freaked me out. Time for a stress reliever stick followed by clean-up.

[[Brief side note: today I got an AWESOME dinosaur necklace from The Paperdoll and a lady at a shop down the street did henna on my hands. Pictures to come. Probably... I owe my LJ a bunch of pictures right now. Also, I have a good game plan in the works for my future. Good day, overall.]]

February 8th, 2007


superhero party
I can't decide if Clap Your Hands Say Yeah drive me crazy or if I dig them... The lead singers voice resembles that of a dying cat. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I just don't know if I can jive with it. I should know in a half hour or so.

February 7th, 2007

(no subject)

superhero party
Pet peeve of the day:
I'm writing and some older man sits next to me.
"What if I talked while you write, would that distract you?"
I silently look up and give him the "yes" eyes, and, of course, he proceeds to talk and talk and talk.
Then he watches me work and talks about what a princess I am and asks tons of personal questions.
He likes younger ladies, he says.


That's one of those, you are being nice but in sort of a creepy and obnoxious way sighs.

off to chiribins!

(no subject)

superhero party
I just made a delicious meal, and I must share.

Stewed beef, carrots, red onion, orange pepper, fresh dill, mushrooms, broccoli, mixed with shell pasta and white cheddar sauce. Wash it down with a raspberry soda, virgin lime aid, and orange juice mix. This equals a dance party in your mouth.


(no subject)

superhero party
Tomorrow night I'm doing sound for The Sparrows and The Clean Prophets at Chiribins! If you're in the neighborhood, say hi. If I look petrified it's because I'm still learning the board and what not. ;)


February 6th, 2007

I'm getting sick again! This is rather unfortunate as I was extremely ill just a mere 2 months ago with the Norro virus. I deserve to be better than 1 month and 2 weeks. It's just not fair.

::sighs a mildly frustrated, sick, yet calm and accepting sigh::

I was going to go out with my friend tonight... but this is no longer looking likely. If anything, there is a good chance that I'll go to the cat for a wee bit and drink a hot toddy (or two...). It'd be good for my throat.

This is frustrating because there are many things I'd like to be doing other than laying around and listening to music or whatever. I'd like to be cleaning house, writing a play, watching some poets tonight, and catching a drink with a friend. That's what I'd like to do. What do I (and have I) feel (felt) up to doing? Drinking miso soup and drawing. It's not that bad, but... I had plans! Damn sickness just doesn't think about other people's life schedules. At least I stopped by the store, got some ciggies, gloves, and Superfood, and went to WECU.

Well, I'm happy that I'm not in Chelan at least. I was a bit afraid that I'd get sick while there, and I would have.

So, today I was doing dishes and I pulled a pan off of another and there was some white cream sauce type thing in it... possibly alfredo sauce, but I was sure I had all ready taken care of that pan. Maybe it was from quesidilla night and there was some melted cheese in there that went bad... or something... (probably the alfredo sauce, but I'm in a state of denial). Regardless of what it was, it smelled horrible. I couldn't put my finger on the smell... and I couldn't get it off of the pan. The pan was old and I didn't really like it anyways, it has not been treated well in it's years and it was time for it to pass on... so I threw the pan away. I still couldn't get the pungent sharp smell out of the kitchen. Finally, after cleaning pretty much everything, I didn't smell it anymore. At this point I made a super yummy french bread pizza with garlic, portabello mushrooms, sauce, cheese, red onion, and orange pepper. After making it I smelled the smell on my hand... Upon eating the pizza I realized that the foul smell was garlic, and the smell was now in my mouth and seriously grossed me out.

I hope I can eat garlic again after this experience. It's one of my favorite foods, so I'll have to work on it...

::cough:: ::cough::

I don't wanna be sick!

(no subject)

superhero party
Oh, life. ::sighs::
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