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...the clock re.minds we spirits of our minds


8 September 1984

I'm an Alaskan girl, just moved back to Washington, aka, America, The Lower 48, The Continental US, Down There, and That Place I Usually Only See Once Every 2 or 3 Years.

I'm really into acting, writing, music, computers, running around and creating havoc, photography, dancing, and making smoothies and juices. Now I get paid to do two of these things, can you guess which ones? I'll give you a hint: the day I get paid to make art, I'll wet myself.

A shy extrovert am I. I love meeting minds and battle with who I should and shouldn't let in. I'm like an open book with many hidden chapters. I also love to read.

The concept of life intrigues me, while the reality of it trips me out and sends me head over heels in love. Blood and genes and all these other things... energy and and frequencies, cells and the absence of dead space.

When I stand up my blood pressure goes down and when I sit down it goes up. Subsequently, I am often dizzy. The doctors can't figure out what's wrong, I think one day they'll name a disease after me; Jolicoueritis. Maybe I'll become a doctor and diagnose the damn thing myself!

A pet peeve of mine is the illusion of knowing everything, and those who flaunt it. As human we are fallible. I don't believe in perfection, aside from that which lies in inperfection. I think we can get really really close to it though in many ways. I also think that my thoughts could be totally wrong, as I know nothing at all. I know what my life and experiances have taught me (influenced by my genetical make-up), and what I have learned a bit from others and those who came before. I only got 20 years under my belt, yo.

I'm silly and thoughtful. I like making random noises and hiding behind doors. I like playing dress-up with my friends, and I lovvvve myself some cheese, even though I can't eat it. It's kind of sad, really. Good thing soy cheese is my steady girlfriend!

Oh yeah, and I have a tendency to ramble like a frickin' mad woman! Buh bye.

This is me and my friends finishing one of the best dinners of my life...