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I'm a grumpppy bear when I don't feel so hot

I'm a grumpppy bear when I don't feel so hot

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superhero party
I'm getting sick again! This is rather unfortunate as I was extremely ill just a mere 2 months ago with the Norro virus. I deserve to be better than 1 month and 2 weeks. It's just not fair.

::sighs a mildly frustrated, sick, yet calm and accepting sigh::

I was going to go out with my friend tonight... but this is no longer looking likely. If anything, there is a good chance that I'll go to the cat for a wee bit and drink a hot toddy (or two...). It'd be good for my throat.

This is frustrating because there are many things I'd like to be doing other than laying around and listening to music or whatever. I'd like to be cleaning house, writing a play, watching some poets tonight, and catching a drink with a friend. That's what I'd like to do. What do I (and have I) feel (felt) up to doing? Drinking miso soup and drawing. It's not that bad, but... I had plans! Damn sickness just doesn't think about other people's life schedules. At least I stopped by the store, got some ciggies, gloves, and Superfood, and went to WECU.

Well, I'm happy that I'm not in Chelan at least. I was a bit afraid that I'd get sick while there, and I would have.

So, today I was doing dishes and I pulled a pan off of another and there was some white cream sauce type thing in it... possibly alfredo sauce, but I was sure I had all ready taken care of that pan. Maybe it was from quesidilla night and there was some melted cheese in there that went bad... or something... (probably the alfredo sauce, but I'm in a state of denial). Regardless of what it was, it smelled horrible. I couldn't put my finger on the smell... and I couldn't get it off of the pan. The pan was old and I didn't really like it anyways, it has not been treated well in it's years and it was time for it to pass on... so I threw the pan away. I still couldn't get the pungent sharp smell out of the kitchen. Finally, after cleaning pretty much everything, I didn't smell it anymore. At this point I made a super yummy french bread pizza with garlic, portabello mushrooms, sauce, cheese, red onion, and orange pepper. After making it I smelled the smell on my hand... Upon eating the pizza I realized that the foul smell was garlic, and the smell was now in my mouth and seriously grossed me out.

I hope I can eat garlic again after this experience. It's one of my favorite foods, so I'll have to work on it...

::cough:: ::cough::

I don't wanna be sick!
  • I got sick over Christmas/New Year's and then again the weekend before last or whatever. Incredibly frustrating, seeing as I usually get sick at most once per year.

    Garlic's awesome but it can sure be rank sometimes...
    • I can still smell the 'effin garlic in my kitchen. I cooked with it last night and it was awesome, but the after-smell is really bothering me now. I used to lovvve it.

      That's lame you've been sick so much! I'm pretty used to it, I get sick multiple times a year... but it definitely sucks that I'm already sick again. I'm too stubborn to let it keep me in my home for longer than a day, unless if I get really sick... Hopefully it won't get worse.
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